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Remains returned in basic metal urn.

0-30 lbs


31-70 lbs


71-100 lbs


Over 100 lbs




Remains NOT Returned

0-100 lbs


Over 100 lbs




Includes basic container and metal grave marker.

Any Weight


Yankton Funeral Home Pet Services

Pet Services

All Pet Owners Will Agree: Your Pet is Part of Your Family

When a member of your family passes away the sadness is overwhelming, but the memories are forever. And with pets, the memories range from the joy of unconditional love shown with wagging tails and sloppy licks to the destruction of an irreplaceable piece of furniture. We offer burial or cremation services to families in their time of need when saying goodbye to their pet.

If choosing cremation, families can opt for a private cremation that returns the cremated remains to you or a simple communal cremation where your pet will be cremated with others and buried in the Garden of Memories Pet Cemetery.

Pet Cemetery

In 1987, Stan Ray opened the state's first pet cemetery.  The Garden of Memories Pet Cemetery in Yankton offers families a permanent and peaceful place to remember their pets. The pet cemetery is located just west of the funeral home and is open for visitation during daylight hours. The Pet Cemetery Plan includes a grave space, grave opening and closing, a container, and a grave marker.

To learn more about pet services click here or please call 605-665-3645.

Pet Services Yankton Funeral Home

Our Facility

Our private viewing room allows you, your family, and your other pets to properly and compassionately say farewell, offering time to reflect and remember.

Our on-site, indoor cremation facility provides you with the most timely and highest quality cremation. Private cremations include a basic metal urn, with other urns available at our facility.

The pet cemetery is located on the west side of the Wintz & Ray property and offers you a permanent resting place for your beloved pet. Learn more about the Garden of Memories Pet Cemetery.

"We recently said goodbye to our beloved Golden Retriever of nearly thirteen years.  We entrusted you with the cremation of our beloved family member.  Paul promptly met with us to make arrangements.  Not only was he professional, but very understanding of our feelings.  He asked numerous questions about our life with Bristol and displayed genuine concern and empathy for our loss.  He even offered to meet us the following day, a Sunday, so our pet could be back home with us as soon as possible.  Thank you to the staff at Wintz & Ray for your compassion during this difficult time.  We greatly appreciate the care you took in making our burden a little easier."
                                                                            -Mike and Deb Merkwan

Pet Services Yankton Funeral Home
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