As we continually strive to improve the quality of service we provide to the Yankton community, the Garden of Memories Cemetery and the Wintz & Ray Funeral Home are pleased to announce the addition of a new columbarium to the cemetery. This 5 ½ foot tall solid granite structure provides families a distinct alternative to earth burial and features a combination of 96 single and double niches which will honorably preserve your loved one's urn for all time.

This new columbarium is unique to Yankton. The Garden of Memories Cemetery continues to offer families more choices than any other cemetery in the area and it perfectly compliments the two existing mausoleums already in the cemetery. A columbarium is a free standing structure which contains single or companion niches. One urn can be placed in a single niche and two urns can be placed in a companion niche which is twice as deep. One distinct advantage to a niche is it will keep your loved one's urn dry and protect it from the elements in the ground. This can be a very comforting thought for some families.

When you factor in all the cost involved with burying an urn, which includes the grave space, the opening and closing of the grave, and the cost of a headstone to mark the grave, it is actually less expensive to purchase a niche in a columbarium. Included in the cost of niche is a bronze name plaque.

Below is a cost comparison which only focuses on the difference between the costs involved to bury an urn in the ground and the costs to entomb an urn in a niche. There are other costs for funeral services and merchandise, but those would remain the same.

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